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A short but sweet NES flavored tribute to Castlevania.

Includes 4 rooms, and a boss. Made for NESJam.


  • Supports gamepads.
  • WASD/ Arrows - Movement
  • L/ X - Jump
  • K/ Z - Attack
  • Up+Attack - Cast Spell

Credits - Zombiesaurus Games (@TheZombiesaurus)

Changelog v1.1 - Oct 7th 2014

  • Added a new dangerless room at the start of the game.
  • Added tracks to the platforms, to signpost them a little better.
  • More attention drawn to collecting a new powerup.
  • Less health pickups.
  • Health reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Pits and spikes are no longer insta-death.
  • Falling rocks are better signposted during the boss fight.
  • Soul drops are now only worth one soul.
  • Redesigned levels slightly to be more speed run friendly.
  • Changed arrow controls from Ctrl/Space to Z/X to play better on OSX.
  • Some other minor bug fixes and tweaks.